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Fruitland, otherwise known as F-town, is a town located east of Ontario, OR. It is known to contain copious amounts of ego. The high school is 3-A Snake River conference and for those of you who don't know, it's the weakest division in the state. So they have managed to win a few championships (which the entire town will jerk it to for the next 1,000 years) but they are nothing but a bunch of whining ass momma boys and skanky girls.
Fruitland produces large amounts of ego-prone dudes.
by lalala888 July 28, 2010
A small town in Idaho, on the border of Oregon, that ultimately sucks. They kick ass in all sports. The students wear uniforms, and most of them are stuck up.
Child: Dad who won the football state championship?
Dad: Of course Fruitland did son.
by Ftowner44 March 10, 2011
It is a name of a town which is the best town ever and the people can dominate any other town any place any time. It is also refered to as F-Town. They are home of the Grizzlies with the greatest: Football,Basketball, And Baseball teams. Also Tennis. Either Way you live here you are just a super BADASS!!!
Retard 1:Hey where is that badass looking guy from

Retard 2: He must be from Fruitland
by F-Towner September 03, 2008