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A generous person at a bar or a party who shares/buys alcohol for another. This alcohol however, must be "fruity" in nature.

To fully understand this definition, we must first define the context of "fruit" being used here. The "fruity alcohol" could be a referrendum to both the taste of that being fruity such as strawberry or even tomato (yes, a tomato is a fucking fruit); or it could also refer to the faginess of such a drink: for example a Pina Colada or a Red Headed Slut, more commonly known as a Ginger Whore.

Please note: in certain shots/drinks like Tequila where one may chase with salt and lime, the buyer could still be considered fruititious in nature as the lime is being used to add a fruit flavor to the alcohol.
Brian: Dude, I'll buy you a virgin strawberry daiquiri if you come people-watch at the pool with me.

Nate: Sounds like a plan, let me go get my lotion and banana hammock. You are very fruititious today.

(Note that in the above example, both the gayness of the ordered drink and fruity contents of the drink were being referred to by the word fruititious.)
by Yes, Its B! January 28, 2010
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