The act of throwing usually rotten fruit at unsuspecting bystanders, often from moving vehicles.
Matt: "Hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
Tim: "I have a bag of bad tomatoes so Lucy and I are gonna go round the neighbourhood and go fruiting."
Matt: "Aim for head shots."
by Feffahef December 28, 2011
Top Definition
When at a house party, preferably a party at which some kids parents are out of town, the act of taking every fruit in the standard kitchen fruit basket, biting it and placing it back into the basket (bite side down).
Dude, Tom pulled of the sickest fruiting last night, he bit an apple, 3 lemons, 2 oranges, 2 bananas and a mango.
by Jon Catch July 27, 2006
Fruiting is when you collect small items of fruit over a short time period and stash it somewhere, usually in a drawer. Then, you get a group of friends together and hide the fruit in an unsuspecting victim's room inside/hidden in their belongings. You should not be able to see any of the fruit because it is hidden except for an orange placed in the middle of the room on the floor with 'You've been fruited' written on it in black sharpie.

Stephanie: Hey Salina, who are we going to fruit this year?

Salina: I'm not sure. How about that quiet girl? She'll have no idea she's going to be fruited!

Stephanie: Yes! Let's fruit her.
by gbam July 17, 2013
To fill any(or all) orifice(s) of the body with fruit (certain vegetables, such as celery, are also acceptable).
I'm sorry for fruiting you.

I'm in the mood for something kinky. I heard fruiting is fun!!
by The anonymous boy, Billy August 23, 2008
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