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Fruitikay is a Youtuber who has been a part of the Youtube community since June of 2006. She first started making videos about politics, and was fairly conservative. However, once she was introduced to the Youtube atheist community, she took the Christian/Theist position. After being a part of the Youtube Christian/Atheist community and engaging in debates and discussions, she went into somewhat of an agnostic mode. Her videos became confusing somewhat, as she hinted at having doubt, yet still having faith. As of late, Fruitikay has taken more of a stronger stance against religion and Christianity, and the reasons for that are unknown. She has yet to make a video officially stating she is an atheist, though, most people figure that she is. She is noted as someone who is willing to genuinely be friends with anyone on Youtube, regardless of their beliefs, and typically keeps out of drama. Her trademarks include the color black, big boobs, eyeliner, and the constant view of her bed in the background. Fruitikay is generally like-able by most people in the community, and tries to be reasonable to all she meets. There is one problem with her, though. She has a boyfriend.
"Oh, mean that girl who did the MissHannahMinx parody?"
by AtheistPoetry May 15, 2011
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