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It is not so much a physical object more of a beliefe or a religion,if you will. It stands for a variety of large bootys and music by Seal. Not the animal kind, but the "Kiss from a Rose" kind. Some of the most common symptoms of Fruitcakes-Anonomys are watching Radar Men From the Moon vol. 2 chapters 7-12, or playing endless hours of Sega Saturn.
"Look at yourself! Fruitcakes-Anonomys."

"What do you want for dinner?"
"Ill have some Fruitcakes Anonomys."

"Careful, you dont want you to fall and break your Fruitcakes-Anonomys."

"Gimme Fruitcakes-Anonomys on the rocks."

"Baby! I Compare You to a Kiss from a Rose on the Grey, OoOoOhhh The more I get of you,Stranger it feels, yeah.
And now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the grey."

"Dont let your Fruitcakes-Anonomys go to waste, young man."
by Bill+Pot=High March 01, 2005

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