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What stupid people say instead of fruition to sound smart, trying to impress a large group of people in a meeting.
Boss: " So have you started to contact those sponsors about that project yet"

Person: "No we have all the pieces in place but the idea just hasn't come to fruitation yet, I'll get on it"
by 5578 November 12, 2009
51 12
When an idea ripens like fruit. It's what stupid people use for the word fruition. Fresh fruit, stinky rotten fruit, any kind of fruit for any kind of idea or plan. You've got to picture the blossoming flower then the growth of the fruit depending on the idea or plan it represents.
I love it when a plan comes to fruitation.

by JOHNNYTHOUGHTS June 21, 2008
63 33
masturbating with fruit
fruitation is my favorite thing to do on the weekends while my girlfriend watches.
by pravstatus September 27, 2011
10 2
a fruitful, delightful, unexpectedly beneficial outcome. The best possible result from any situation.
Although my plans never came to fruition, to my delight they came to fruitation.
by jenn'sboitoi January 07, 2011
14 8