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Male reproductive fluids that is to be consumed a by a male homosexual.
Jimbo: There is nothing to eat I'm so hungry that I can eat a monkey.

Chip: I got nothing to eat either but I have an idear, lets suck each other off and we'll both get a nice fruit snack when we're finished.

Jimbo & Chip: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM <in the 69 position>
by aaron & david March 24, 2010
a euphamism for weeeeed, reafer, marijuana, mary jane, zoom salad, etc.
Dude, do you have any fruit snacks?

Pack that bong with your finest fruit snacks.

Do you know where I can get some fruit snacks?
by reafermadness May 15, 2009
Independant of gay people, at least most of the time.
Woohoo for a definition that doesnt make fun of gay people. Fuck that. Gay people are soooo GAY.
by Wheelie December 14, 2003