When a dude is going down on a chick on her period and the menstrual blood is then discharged onto his face. The man proceeds to let the blood dry and then peel it off similar to a fruit roll up and then eats it.
Hey baby. How's about you stick a "fruit roll-up" on my face.
by billdog.dog August 11, 2008
when a girl has her period and puts it on her face and when it dries the guy peels in off and eat's it
I got a fruit roll up last night it was so hott.
by JJ Schmitz December 31, 2008
A sexual act in which the male ingests a high level of citrus fruit (preferably pineapple) 24 hours before the sexual encounter. When the male is preparing to ejaculate, he pulls out and skeets on her back. After it dries on her back, he peels it off and feeds the fruity snack to her.
Male: It's almost dry now.

Female: Shit, I hope so, I'm starving for a fruit roll up!
by Jimmy9234 October 17, 2008
a girls wet soaky red bloody period soaks all over her tight jeans making it noticable for people to see its shiny wetness
Damn look at that girls friut rollup dripping all over the floor leaving a wet trail!
by phill March 04, 2005
When a man rolls a flaccid penis up into a ball and puts it in his mouth.
My buddy couldn't get it up so he just gave his boyfriend the fruit roll up.
by DaddieDoWerk December 03, 2015
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