When a girl wraps a fruit roll up around your penis and she licks/sucks/nibbles the candy until is dissinagrates on your penis (intercourse highly not reccomended afterwards)
"What did you and that chick do last night?"
"She gave me a fruit roll up if you know what I mean bro."
by JustOutOfCuriosity March 05, 2016
The act of peeling your penis from your scrotum in an upwards fashion to remove discomfort from the genitalia due to excess heat and moisture.
It was so hot out today , my co-workers thought i was masturbating because of how many times i gave my self a fruit roll-up.
by cjewooly November 07, 2010
The act of placing a piece of plastic wrap over the vaginal area of a woman who is menstruating, then pressing the plastic down into the bloody area and slowly peel off, thus creating a fruit roll up, most closely resembling cherry flavor.
I wanted to give Suzie some oral sex last night but didnt feel like diving into her menstrual cycle, so I found some plastic wrap and made a fruit roll up.
by Steelersfanps November 08, 2010
During humid weather, a man's scrotum sticks to the inside of his upper thigh causing unpleasant restriction, resulting in a need to lift the leg outward to mimic the action of peeling off a fruit rollup. Thus making a noise indicative of said peeling.
Damn it's so hot he had to perform a fruit rollup - schluuurp!
by Finance December 15, 2006
When a woman (or man) takes a flavored condom off a penis with their teeth from the base.
Dude did you hear that Lawrence is into fruit rollups now?
by notmeirealname October 28, 2010
A marijuana filled cigar rolled by a homosexual.
He didn't want to smoke the fruit rollup that the homosexual rolled because he knew that Keith sucks dick all the time.
by swisha sweets September 25, 2010
When a guy eats the pussy of a bitch on her period, lets the blood dry, rolls it up and eats it.
Bruh, her fruit rollup tasted awesome.
by bongra December 08, 2010
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