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The situation in which you go down on a girl during her period, cover your face with her "juices", let them dry, and peel them off, only to eat the hardened product.
Kevin saved Martha's fruit roll up in the fridge.
by E-Money February 21, 2003
50 55
A Homosexual in a sleeping bag.
by Leon February 27, 2003
221 63
when your nut sack sticks to your leg and you have to peel it off like a fruit roll up
Man, it was 97 degrees out today and had the worst case of fruit roll up
by JtothemuthafuckinB October 15, 2007
133 64
a gay dude in a sleeping bag
Youre camping and shit and you see a rainbow sleeping bag, "Yo, look at that fruit rollup" and in an act of sexuality discrimination you push him down a mountain.
by MELANiE February 03, 2005
70 37
Flavored plastic sheets rolled up in silver plastic wrappers. enjoyed by flabby, overweight pre-teens everywhere.
I hate Fruit Roll Ups because they stick to my back teeth and then I have to taste them for even longer than I want to....
by Shawn B. April 30, 2003
92 62
a cigar emptied out and filled with top notch marijuana. aka a dro blunt
we steady blowin on this here fruit rollup
by noahptheg123 November 28, 2007
31 18
MBorel's food of choice. A fruity sheet that comes in a multitude of flavors and has various drawings embedded into the sheet.
MBorel rants about a number of things including Fruit Roll-Ups, Toonami, and the current state of anime.
by Eyeballflyball September 13, 2003
17 6
The act of peeling your penis from your scrotum in an upwards fashion to remove discomfort from the genitalia due to excess heat and moisture.
It was so hot out today , my co-workers thought i was masturbating because of how many times i gave my self a fruit roll-up.
by cjewooly November 07, 2010
8 7