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When an individual has intercourse with a female outside at precisely 7:30 AM with temperatures below freezing(32 degrees Fahrenheit). The vagina will feel hard and cold, thus resembling a blender. It is given the name "Fruit Punch Slushy" because this would just be called a suicide mission without having the female's period blood(fruit punch) to protect the penis from the inner blades of the cold vagina.
Sean: Hey Amber let's go outside for a Fruit Punch Slushy
Amber: Wow, it's so convenient I didn't put in my tampon today!
Tristan: You guys are such ratchets...

Kyle: Did you guys hear about what happened to Jared?
Reona: haha yeah I heard he thought his girl was on his period, but instead he got his dick ripped off!
Micheal: Such a freshman decision
by PMSquad October 23, 2013
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