1. The bunny that hops in a way that connects to the song "little bunny Fru-Fru"
2. A thing that has more enemies than friends.
3. A person that is too skinny and anorexic that people cry... T-T
Look at that Fru-Fru its like Nicole Richie.

I think that Fru-Fru's only friend is Kim Jon Il everyonelse hates him.
by Julian Byrns November 23, 2007
Having to do with hippie organic free-range food
Unwashed soy goat cheese
by Rhett Creighton February 02, 2005
(noun), a vagina, pussy, pee-hole.
I planted three fingers in you Mom's fru fru.
by nancyedwards March 16, 2005

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