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next level of being cool.
o my GOD that guy is so frozen, check out his accent!
by 27.7° September 09, 2008
syrupy juice frozen in a plastic cup is called "a frozen". It's usually used in the South East USA. In most communities someone will sell frozens out of their houses to the neighborhood children for a quarter or so and they're called "the frozen lady" or "the frozen man".
"dang its hot outside, let me run down to the frozen lady's house to get a frozen".
by Jnia September 10, 2006
1. To be so hung over your brain won't work and you don't even want to move.

2. Can be used to describe anything really bad.

3. Use it for anything lets see how far we can take this.
1. Man you look like shit, how much did you drink last night?
Don't even ask me I'm fucking frozen.

2. That shit was so cold, it was frozen!
by David IQ February 24, 2008
1)A condition resulting from the inhalation of marijuana smoke from Mr. Freeze.
2)A state of extreme marijuana-induced inebriation.
1: Why is Evan just sitting there with his eyes all glazed over?
2: Man, he's straight frozen.
1: Ohhh shit, you got Freeze here?? Lemme hit that shit.
by Weebs January 28, 2006
while loaded, use frozen instead of tight, dope, cool, etc. founded by a group of high kids and passed on to a group of other loaded kids in SMALLZVILLE california. if you dont know where that is. it's in the bay area you beezie.
that shit we smoked was hella FROZEN nigga!
by smallzvilleyoubeezie April 04, 2005
1. The inability to articulate words and/or phrases resulting in an akward silence during conversation
2. A ping pong player's inability to initiate a return while the volley encroaches the rear edge of the table.
1. "Where were you?...Why's your hair all messed up?...FROZEN (Exclamation)

2. As the ball "nipped" the back edge of the table, the player merely became a spectator as the spectators yell "FROZEN!"
by jjv3b7 January 21, 2010
insulted to the point of inaction
he got capped on so hard he got frozen
by Anonymous October 08, 2003