The state of being very high/drunk/intoxicated.

-Originated from French Canada.
Bob: Bro, I was soooo frozen last night, I don't remember anything.
John: I know, you even tried hitting on Gertrude.
Bob: ... I what? -_-
by DJ Nocturnale December 12, 2010
Verb: To let something go
Girl 1: I can't believe he forgot my birthday!
Girl 2: you need to frozen that shit, it was four years ago AND he was bit by a dog!
by phillazilla June 02, 2016
A stupid movie that came out almost exactly 2 years ago, yet its still a big thing. You can see frozen posters, erasers, cupcakes, pencil cases, you name it. Its there
by Leafy is beefy February 28, 2016
next level of being cool.
o my GOD that guy is so frozen, check out his accent!
by 27.7° September 09, 2008
A term used to describe someone who is in an extreme state of intoxication from too much alcohol consumption.

Many levels past "wasted" and "shit-faced"
Man I drank a case of bud and a handle of smirnoff, I was so frozen, I almost died.
by N-Money11 November 18, 2009
1. To be so hung over your brain won't work and you don't even want to move.

2. Can be used to describe anything really bad.

3. Use it for anything lets see how far we can take this.
1. Man you look like shit, how much did you drink last night?
Don't even ask me I'm fucking frozen.

2. That shit was so cold, it was frozen!
by David IQ February 24, 2008
Drugs for 3-8 y.o's. Made by Disney (Don't worry, I'm trying to sue them)WARNING:DO NOT BUY A SING ALONG BOOK!!!
Frozen is horrible
via giphy
by AllTrueGamerYT July 02, 2016
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