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It's your favourite friend group. It's where you come undone, where it's okay to be ridiculous or stupid or dull or gross. You come with unkempt hair, bad jokes, irritating habits, bared secrets, sad stories, inane quirks, ridiculous dreams and a boring everyday. And yet they love you. You feel no need to act, adapt, hide, or pretend. Because, hey! they love you!
"I'm soo blue, I need to be with my Froup now!
by Qualiaphilia February 07, 2013
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A shorter term for 'Facebook Group'
by B'n'J August 10, 2010
When you tackle someone but only with love.
I am going to froup you! Only cause I love you!
by PikaPika16 August 17, 2009
A drunken group.
Can I get an invite to your froup?
by antiver August 14, 2008
A group of friends.
On Usenet, I've made at least one friend in each of the froups I've ever subcribed to.
by SweetSister May 13, 2009
A gathering of 3 or more good friends or family.
I had a great time seeing all my friends that I haven't seen in a while, I have such an amazing froup.
by Nayr Bach August 05, 2014

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