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To gain erotic pleasure from rubbing up against random strangers in crowded public areas.
When you feel somebody "Accidently" bump in to you or touch you and they "Apologize"... They are creaming their pants... That, my friend, is Frotterism!
130 51
One who gets sexual pleasure from the act of rubbing themselves against others in public. From the French, "Frottage."
Stop! Police! A puffin frotter!
by Addler July 19, 2006
50 21
A made up term meaning "some-one who has a dirty mind." i personally use the word alot, although people don't understand. i wonder why...:p
see that dude who goes to the strip-club every week? "yeh, what about him?" he's a frotter
by Mad Sam purple'ead January 04, 2005
11 102