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the nbumber after thrid
frist, secooone, thrid, froth
by nizzers September 15, 2008
34 73
serbastios secrection found around a womens clitoris
She is a little frothy, but take her to car wash and use high pressure!
by slimslanky October 28, 2004
11 52
an expression used to describe idiotic or stupid behaviour
"Josh thinks he's a professional model just because he did some voluntary modelling for TopMan"
"What a froth"
by stubbs May 04, 2003
11 52
To have a negative effect on or to be in a bad way

To froth it
You are a froth
by Ronnie April 25, 2003
2 43
When a women swizzles your heart into a frenzy.
Rachel, you have swizzled yourself into my heart such that I am total froth.
by BillBill April 16, 2007
7 49
Unlimited amount of fictional filth, rubbish, or fuzzy logic
"I don't know what to believe form this guys froth filled stories"
by Gray_sleaz April 28, 2006
1 43