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When one ejaculates into his sexual parteners belly button(much to their surprise) and then throws them in a freezer, causing the scemen on their navel to frost over. The coup de grâce or "icing on the naval" as some would say is signified with you leaving your partener in the freezer as you steal their car. Usually done in some sort of restaurant where a freezer large enough to fit a person would be.
"So Erik and I were having sex, and then without any warning he flipped me over and busted into my belly button and threw me in the freezer!"
"That sounds Aweful!"
"Yeah, but the worst part was he left me in there long enough for it to freeze and then he stole my car!"
"Oh! He gave you the 'ol Frosty Navel!"
by Papa Bear117 April 16, 2009

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