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A Frostitute is a fan of of Jack Frost from the movie The Guardians.
Join if you're a Frostitute.
by Hehe, Me. November 28, 2012
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Females that will continue to dress like prostitutes, no matter how many degrees below zero the weather is.
Damn its cold, but it looks like nothing will stop those Frostitutes.
by definedbymax December 01, 2011
A snowwoman to be sexed.
Man, that frostitute was so cold.
by Peach-O's December 09, 2010
a person who performs sexual acts in exchange for meth or crack also crackwhore
she sucks dick for meth, frostitute
by shadow61 October 11, 2011
Freshmen prositutes that whore themselves out to be more highly accepted in a new college environment. Mostly women. They sell their body for sex as well.
The freshmen at suny albany are most likely frostitutes, or just sluts.
by allyx October 15, 2007
A person who is willing to do anything in exchange for being friends on Facebook.
Jamie is such a frostitute. She'll be Facebook friends with anyone!
by Bear Matthews March 29, 2011
Frostitute: vanilla who never explore or even take small steps to kindle the fire of romance.

There are a group (10% of people) who all they do is be vanilla. The 10% who all they do is fuck. And the 80% of those who it all depends on the situation or conditions. The frostitutes are the 10% who are vanilla, who dont try anything new and who never venture out. Cold people who physically, emotionally, and socially are frigid. Tragically!
Man, that college dorm is full of frostitutes. The sophomores call it convent citadel.
by planet.horizon September 05, 2011

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