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when extreme cold temperatures causes frost and even ice to form on one or both testicles
When the weather report said to expect temperatures to drop below freezing, Jason wrapped a scarf around his balls to prevent frosticles
by Luviticus December 16, 2008
A new and different way to say snow, or talk about the solid form of water
"Hey look man frosticles are falling from the sky!"

"There are frosticles everywhere!"
by Kljohnson42 February 17, 2014
The annoying layer of frosty icy stuff that develops on old and or previously semi-thawed ice cream.
Opening up a tub of seemingly tasty looking ice cream and... Oh Shit ‘Frosticles’... i guess i can eat around them (knowing full well that it’s still gonna taste like shit)
by 0ddjob February 01, 2011
The act of crop dusting every time you tread with your right foot.
A person who is an extreme pussy rider who loves drinking vaginal fluids.
I'm so gonna frosticide all over you tonight.

You have just been frosticled.

Frosticles all over the sheets!
by Frosticles February 15, 2011
the testicles of a snowman
"Janet and Sandy, look at the frosticles on that snowman!"
by wordqueen December 20, 2008
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