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A bro (Jorge C.) who texts/calls you to hang out and makes plans with multiple people, including non bros (girls), to the same event, only to call/text last minute to scratch the event and bail to go hang out with his "Girl", thus breaking the sacred, Bro's before Hoe's" code of men.
3. Jorge-" Julio, you want to play some beerpong tonight and kick it with some girls?"

Julio-"Yeah bro! I'll call the girls and let them know to come over and play, I,m on my way to the house!"

Jorge-"Oh wait, never mind, cancel tonight, I gotta go kick it with my lady friend!"

Julio-" Wow, Dude you're being a Frosted Flaker on us....again!"

Julio-" Hey Kristi, I guess tonights not going down, Jorge decided to be a double Frosted Flaker and eat an entire box, Costco size of Frosted Flakes!"
by BetaBro184 February 05, 2011
A flaker who makes dumb sugar coated excuses as appeasement because he/she flaked.
Girlfriend: I'm soooo sorry, I was only late to your birthday party because I spent too long searching for the perfect birthday present to symbolize our love.

Boyfriend: Bitch, don't be a frosted flaker.
by Xylem October 08, 2010
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