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1) Flagship party school for the state of Maryland, rivaled only by Salisbury.
2) Home to some of the DUMBEST fucks in the state of Maryland.
3) A school in which half the freshmen class with any potential gets their act together and transfers to Maryland before their sophomore year.
4) Cold ass campus on which STD's have gone airborne.
1) Awww man, how come everyone’s fucking stoned??? Its finals week!! Shouldn’t we be studying???
2) WHAT??? The entire freshmen class graduated High School with an average G.P.A of 2.3???
3) Dude...fuck Frostburg State University!! I know I was lazy in High School but I didn’t know I'd be stuck in this shit hole for four years, I got a 3.8 my freshmen year, I’m transferring to UMD!!!
4) ITS FUCKING FREEZING OUT HERE!!! I have to wear three scarves or I might catch a cold...or Chlamydia.
by Lindsay Askew January 09, 2006