to be fucked in the head to the point where ppl disown you...
omg hes so frost, get the fuck away.......
by theonemanwhocan August 19, 2003
Frost = god of you all
dood don't mess with frost or he'll ban your ass he owns you all
by jennajones June 20, 2004
to seduce into doing something; to spank that ass.. and like it ;]
what up baby, let me frost you ;D
by unknown October 02, 2004
To frost your nails means to paint them. The slang comes from the often sparkly effect of painted nails likened to snow frost.
Frost yo' nails ya'll!
by Gigi July 13, 2004
The best.
Wow, that son of a gun is the Frost!
by java November 12, 2003
To deny a sexual orgasm to a female partner after male orgasm.
That bitch was so dirty, I frosted her after I fucked her.
by jonez77 February 19, 2003
one who loves mad cock
quiet frost.
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
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