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cool; neat; awesome; groovy; nifty; swell; peachy; smashing; tight; great
Man, I love that show; it's frope.
by Thomas Crow July 16, 2002
This was coined by a dude named frankie in L-dubs florida circa '98...It's the crossbreed of fresh & dope = Frope!
Yo, you went to that party the other night? That shit was Frope!
by Steel Hardwick November 10, 2006
A group of feminine males from Central Jersey/Jersey Shore who race bikes, have long, shaggy, unwashed hair, wear jeans tighter than your little sisters and can only beat the shit out of middle schoolers who are half their size. They are known to take homosexual photography and make girlish faces for their myspace pictures. Some of them talk with lisps and wear horrid attire from PacSun and Zumiez, where a large sum of them work. If one gets offended, they try to fight but wind up getting the pathetic shit kicked out of them.
Hey did you see one of the Frope kids making out with another dude last night? He claimed that he was 'drunk'.
fresh and dope
you are so frope
by dylon11 June 06, 2010
Mixture of the awesome words of dope and fresh. (Credit to Ate Genie).
Maaan, I'm hella diggin' your frope shoes!
by Layuh September 15, 2007
When a male/female gives one a blowjob and the skin on ones penis gets caught and then ripped off by his/her braces.
Past tence: froped
"I'm going to frope that asshole then dump him"
"Oh fuck, some slut froped me last night and now my bananas peeled"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006

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