An environment or atmosphere characterized by a sponge bob pencil holder, a monkey and a bamboo plant.
The lipper machine is in a froofy environment.
by Jaybird March 16, 2005
Top Definition
consisting of a feminine nature, taste, or attitude
With all the flowers and bright pink colors Mary's room was to froofy for Bob's taste.
by Thamros November 16, 2007
Hair that is frizzy and poofy.
Steven's froofy hair bounces when he runs.
by Crunk Shakira December 30, 2007
when your hair is frizzy and fuzzy at the same time.
my hair is a froofy. mess
by amanda. September 19, 2006
hair that is poofy and fluffy at the same time.
Robert Plant had beautiful froofy hair!
by sgtpepper7691 June 15, 2005
An idea or policy with no logical or rational basis and is not grounded in reality.
I would vote for Bob Barr, but some of his ideas are a little froofy.
by fistsensei October 21, 2008
Something that is gay.
Jay is a froofy crossdresser.
by bob March 23, 2005
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