A Frooblet is a Fruity Nooblet. Pretty much the same as a Froob (Fruity Noob) but used more as an insult towards a group of people.
Your all frooblets ...
Hush! My code is better than yours, stop being such frooblets!
by ImagineAWorld November 30, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who sucks at Video Games even though they have been playing for quite some time.

A noob is someone who sucks because they are new to the game. A Frooblet is someone who just sucks. Period.

My friend is a total Frooblet at Call of duty 4. He owns the game and has been playing for 2 months but he still sucks ass.
by MOTHER @#$%%$R October 01, 2008
A new, F2P, noob. A combination of free, noob, and the suffix let.
There was a level 3 frooblet following me and asking questions. He was fucking annoying.
by JJ2 July 16, 2007
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