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The name of a cat monarch who is the supreme overlord of the whole universe. Froo sleeps most of the time but knows all. Froo is well known for his unique speech impediment and pronounces his name "vroo". Other names include, The General, Genwiege, Roly, Maloy and Gibbon.
"nyelloh moi namez vroo " - Froo
by Sidgeaberration June 30, 2009
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the name given to people who by instinct look like froosim.
"look at BZ," i said.
"what a froos!"
by rko August 17, 2006
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My mother bought that froo doily at the boutique.

Also; froolish;froolishness
by Chad September 08, 2003
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Any item that brings amusement, delight, diversion, pleasure, gratification or worldly enjoyment.
He bought her some froo for her birthday.
by Brann January 02, 2006
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beauty and cosmetic items typically used to improve appearance; usually superfluous items that one does not usually consider necessary to hygiene.
She went to the store and bought nail polish, hair spray, perfume and a facial mask. All this froo only cost her $10.
by AmicaCuriae August 27, 2006
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Meaning extremely good looking young man who loves to sing and Anona.
by Froo January 20, 2004
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