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In today's lack of medical care, due to lack of medical insurance or other matters, a person or group of people resort to using either the kitchen or the bathroom to perform dangerous operations, using rubbing alcohol, regular food knives, exacto blades, etc. and - in some extreme cases - fishing line and standard sewing needle, duct tape and tissue, petroleum jelly - as sutures, packing, etc.

This often dangerous procedure has a 50%-50% success rate, with the lacking success being that of either the patient developing adverse negative reactions such as compounded infections, excessive bleeding, or a sudden visit to the E.R., yet it is still in active practice today amongst people in middle - to - lower classed American households.
He got bit by a brown recluse, but his medical insurance expired. The thing of it is, the surrounding skin is in necrosis. Time for a bit of frontier surgery - you get the exacto, I got the Jack Daniels. Meet you in the bathtub - this is going to get messy.
by kaycar May 29, 2011

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