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a gonk n a freek mixed
u r a fronk
by Emma February 07, 2004
A friendly honk because regular honks are just inherently mean.
Bob: Hey, it's Jim!

*Fronk, Fronk*

Jim: Hey Bob!
by Los Fronkador May 09, 2010
a word you can describe anything with. it can mean anything in the context that you use it in
that dress is so fronk.
hey do you like this? ehhh, fronk
by fronkyaa November 27, 2010
A word used to describe a person who fails to pay attention to "VERY IMPORTANT" details.
The aircraft mechanics were assigned to drive a specific aircraft from the hangar to the terminal, however failing to coordinate the very large numbers on the side of the aircraft with the logbook in hand they delivered the wrong airplane to the gate. "Both were a couple of FRONKS".
The patient required a left leg amputation, however the surgeon was a "FRONK" and removed the right leg.
A really horny male, very freaky. Usually appears dignified and tame, but upon closer inspection has a certain erotic playfulness in his eyes..
My sister's boyfriend licked my twat last night!
He's such a fronks!
by johnnypat December 27, 2007
A very crazy person who likes to wack things. Usually, a Fronk is a Youtube addict. Fronks are easily angered and if you see a wild Fronk, the best thing to do is try to calm it down by saying "easy fronk."
Did you see Lauren checking out that Fronk?
by sac pac March 24, 2014
in poker, a Frech player who can't play properly.
I had raised my AK preflop, and this French in the big blind calls. Flop comes KK5. I bet and he raises all-in. Obviously I call. He turns over KT offsuit and spikes a ten on the river. What a fronk.
by karbyn May 04, 2009
Fronks are small creatures from the WarioWare series. They appear in many colors besides the most common color, yellow. The character 9-Volt, also has a pet Fronk names Shag.
Wow, look at that Fronk! It's so cute and yellow!
by Pyr0Assassin July 17, 2010