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Fromage Fridays is when you enjoy your anthem/80s/hair band music (because it's so cheesy it ranks as AWESOME!), and you've set aside a specific playlist for this weekly ritual. It's important to rock Friday properly, and it's kinda hard to do without Halen or Jovi.

Even better if you can find a radio station that specializes in 80s rock music. That way you will be guaranteed some solid tunage on the way to work. The radio station is also critical in the throwback experience. Much like seeing a creature in its natural habitat.

Preferably Fromage Friday music begins early in the day and lasts until about noon. Then it's time to start incorporating some of the real world (ie other music) back into your life. Slowly, at first, so you don't buzzkill.
Friend: Wow...some hair style this morning dude.

You: I was cruisin' to work, windows down on the Z, riffin' with Halen. I gotta have the window down when I windmill, man, so I have full arm extension. Ed at The Q rocks Fromage Fridays hard, man. His list is par excellante. I'm willing to sacrifice the locks in order to get my Friday buzz goin' with my Fromage Friday music experience, dude.

I'm stoked for the weekend now, man.
by oakbay3000 February 27, 2014
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