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To be "from the Midway boards" is to be unintelligent, or of a very young age (approx 10 years old). A popular phrase in the gaming community derived from ribbing members of a certain internet message board, renowned for being very young and/or quite dim. One does not actually have to have visted said website to be "from the Midway boards," as it is just a euphemism for acting childish, immature, or just generally stupid.
SEKTORZSUBSCORPIONCHI666: H3y haz anyne1 seen THe movie JAWS!???????????????????????? IT Has real scareey shaarks in it and they bit peeple and they bleed and blood GOES EVERYWHERE and it rocksz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James: ...You're "from the Midway boards," aren't you?
by Mr. Tobias October 04, 2005
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