to jump around. lose control
Lacey and I are going to *frolic*. would you like to join?
by jenni February 11, 2004
to be full of joy, delight
Friend: Did you frolic all the way here?
Girl: Yes! I love to frolic in the field of daisys.
by krimson513 January 11, 2011
the act of going to smoke a lot of marijuana with friends.
Yo fool i'm about to go frolic and smoke some mad blunts you wanna come?
by cmannnizzzle August 30, 2010
being gay and jumping around looking really embarrassing. sometimes they make noises like animals like "mhaahaha"
- im going to go frolic.

- you're so gay.
by Lady yaya June 02, 2009
To engage in sex acts with members of a womens swim team.
Yo Rick, did you see Rob frolicking in the pool last night? I swear those girls were barely legal!
by mrhito December 19, 2005
v. According to Hilal, taking part in any recreational and haraam activity.
Frolicking is haraam.
by Scholar June 19, 2005
Somebody who cannot jerk his gerk.
Dean Taylor is a Frolic......Gilbert too.
by Fish December 30, 2003

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