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A videogame featuring a frog with a long, grappling tongue that swings around a world of terrariums in order to renew his Froggle license.
"Froggle, Froggle, motherfucker."
by Gualtiero November 17, 2008

a term used for a girl who has slimy scaley skin like a frog, and is also a bad ass rebel
me:have you seen that caroline?

friend: oh yes shes a real froggle!
by onedirection123 June 04, 2012
The large chunky occular dishplate-like sunglasses that "high fashion" or sorostitutes wear to look cool, when they actually look like douches.
Tom: Look at that chick with the froggles, what a slizut.
Dave: Yea, I'd still hit it.
by Gutts October 09, 2007
to felch with a straw
please feel free not to use your imagination
by cegorach May 05, 2004
Hump fiercly
Tom likes to froggle emma
by fst6 July 28, 2008