Street slang for the drug 5-methoxy-n, n-dimethyltryptamine. Used primarily in parts of Arizona and Wisconsin. The name comes from the fact that the drug is secreted from the skin of various toads.
Man, that Frogger was such a trip!
by papafunk January 25, 2005
A woman that after sex tears the nipples of guys with her teeth and eats them.
I just got attacked in bed by a frogger, it was great tell she ripped mt nipples off.
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
1. A frog who's sole purpose is to hop across a 4 lane highway and a log filled pond while avoiding numerous vehicles and crocodiles, while collecting flies and humping the girl frog. The scenario increases in difficulty when Frogger returns home five times. Oh, and Frogger can't swim.

2. Some dude who is obsessed with someone who can live their entire life on spam, vienna sausage, corn beef, rice, or canned sardines, and is mistakenly referred to as stalking said person.
1. I beat the tenth level in Frogger!

2. "Frogger, move on. You will find a better girl than that arrogant snobby bitch."
by Nuotheelevenths June 17, 2003
A ugly ass bitch with a big ass nose and big eyes.
Damn, that bitch of Karla is a frogger!
by Jose the Aztec Jigolo March 01, 2004
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