A substitute for or an actual expletive, specifically taking the place of "fuck" or "shit" in a time on intense frustration.
Frogger! I cut my hand off!!
by Uncle Turkey February 08, 2006
verb. To walk swiftly or run, heading straight for an object or person, with no intention of changing directions or slowing down, often resulting in a collision or injury.
Did you see that? That bitch Froggered me! She couldn't be bothered to look up from texting to notice that she was about to run into me. I almost fell in a snowbank.
by janetalia January 30, 2010
A sex manouvre where a line of men lay down and a single woman leapfrogs across having sex with each one in turn
oh carolyn was giving us all a frogger
by milhouse14, DAASZ, gjaa, elbo August 18, 2010
To punch a woman in the kidneys with both fists at the same time while doing it doggy style. The broads reaction resembles a frog leaping.
that frogger made the bitch jump off the lily pad

by Craig stebner August 18, 2006
Someone who jaywalks in a busy street.
"Damn that frogger. He just ran out in front of my car- oooh, he made it past the truck."
by EJA October 15, 2006
a spastic frog with brownie all over its face.A frog in a brownie usually while in a forest.
dude, i just saw a frogger yesterday when me in Jen were in the woods.
by elelelelelell July 10, 2008
Street slang for the drug 5-methoxy-n, n-dimethyltryptamine. Used primarily in parts of Arizona and Wisconsin. The name comes from the fact that the drug is secreted from the skin of various toads.
Man, that Frogger was such a trip!
by papafunk January 25, 2005

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