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verb. To walk swiftly or run, heading straight for an object or person, with no intention of changing directions or slowing down, often resulting in a collision or injury.
Did you see that? That bitch Froggered me! She couldn't be bothered to look up from texting to notice that she was about to run into me. I almost fell in a snowbank.
by janetalia January 30, 2010
A term for a french class.
Tata, I have to go to froggers!
by Ally July 25, 2003
when the female ties down the male and opens his mouth with a dental tool. She then squats over his mouth and urinates and dooks as she eradicaly jumps up and down.
oh man i just got a frogger from some ugly ass girl behind the alley.
by danny dapper May 12, 2009
To punch a woman in the kidneys with both fists at the same time while doing it doggy style. The broads reaction resembles a frog leaping.
that frogger made the bitch jump off the lily pad

by Craig stebner August 18, 2006
Someone who jaywalks in a busy street.
"Damn that frogger. He just ran out in front of my car- oooh, he made it past the truck."
by EJA October 15, 2006
a spastic frog with brownie all over its face.A frog in a brownie usually while in a forest.
dude, i just saw a frogger yesterday when me in Jen were in the woods.
by elelelelelell July 10, 2008
Street slang for the drug 5-methoxy-n, n-dimethyltryptamine. Used primarily in parts of Arizona and Wisconsin. The name comes from the fact that the drug is secreted from the skin of various toads.
Man, that Frogger was such a trip!
by papafunk January 25, 2005