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From the show "Michael and Michael Have Issues" on comedy central:

A Frogbox is when you take a large number of frogs (usually 500) and bring them to a person's bedroom or office and dump the frogs out of the box.
John and I wanted to get back at Mr. M for failing us, so we called the frog-guy and got a whole bunch of frogs. We totally frogboxed his classroom.
by therolander August 26, 2009
when you fill a box full of frogs, and set it loose in a confined space for maximum lulz. 500 is a good round number to work with. make sure to always have an escape plan, because accidentally frogboxing oneself can be a harrowing experience (as was duly noted on the season finale of michael and michael have issues).
while he was taking a shit, we frogboxed michael and barricaded the door from the outside as we listened to his screams of pain and agony through the wall. it was hilarious. i think i pissed my pants i was laughing so hard. seriously, what kind of pussy is afraid of frogs?
by mxc_ftw August 27, 2009