A male, usualy found at sporting events, displaying Frog like features. Frog Faces will commonly display creeper, wierdo and ugly guy qualities.
Hey Frog Face
Hey, Wanna grab some tadpoles tonight for dinner?
by 123Gennnnn123 April 07, 2008
Top Definition
Insult for a girl with a face that resembles a frog.
Person 1: Omg, Kat is such a bitch.
Person 2: I would be too if I had a frog face.
by <3333333333333333 June 19, 2006
Stupid face people pull and cannot help
Oh my God, poor Karen and her frog face. She really can't help it
by hellynch November 30, 2011
A person who often requests a fight in out of sight public spaces such as bathrooms or behind buildings.
that guy is a frog face, he just asked to take this fight to the bathroom!
by dazwazup July 02, 2012
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