An insult used to describe either the act of being a spoiled little bitch. The spoiled part of the definition is based off of them getting every thing they want from their mommy. A frodo doesn't like hardwork, sports, socializing, and not being annoying. A frodo likes video games, achievements, being a bitch, a little abuse and masturbating(her favorite pastime after sitting on his fatass all day being retarded). Eventually, disgusted by their lifestyle one of their "friends" will call them out on it, making the frodo react in the only way she knows how, by going into an all out babyrage.
*(The gender pronouns are constantly changing in this article, due to their gender being unidentifiable. Their annoying high-pitched, nasally voice is from their babymeat, but they also have a vagina for menstruating).
To spot one, just go onto some online service, find the dumbest, whitest, nerdiest motherfucker on there. Although she usually fails everything, she will usually have an unwarranted sense of self-importance, to deal with that just call her a bitch. The frodo will then generate lulz, by taking all your insults. However, call her a bitch more than 57 times and she'll ragequit, but don't worry she'll join back if you just invite her. Your fun comes to an end at 8:30 because her mommy makes her go to bed, but don't worry she'll get right back online at 6:00 a.m the next day. Basically the stereotypical 12-year-old XBL, PSN, WoW player, etc.
>the frodo comes online
>you invite her to what you're doing to make fun of her
>tell her to join
Instantly she says "why?" in the nasaliest voice every, because she's too fucking retarded to figure out that you want her to come play a game or something.


Guy 1:Woah, that guy has over 50,000 gamerscore
Guy 2:Wow what a bitch(frodo).
by Doom580 June 26, 2011
name for a penis
"matthew, take off your pants and let me give frodo a kiss."
by loose killa May 24, 2009
a dick with hair more than twice the dick's length
by The Beast April 25, 2005

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