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Samwise Gamgee's lover, Roth's nickname.
Frodo boned Sam on the rock. it was fun, he thought
by quil225 November 25, 2005
17 62
When a person proceeds to mooze all over the afro haircut of a complete stranger. See also extreme frodoing.
Guy 1: Sorry buddy, I seem to have moozed out my window and onto your gravity defying hair.
Guy 2: I guess I'm frodo'd then.
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
10 55
Longish curly hair on a white boy.

Not to be confused with a 'fro or a white boy 'fro, this is not a huge head of insanely curled hair, but simply out of control curls on a white boy.
Man, that's a crazy frodo, you need a cut!
by gregory harbin July 21, 2004
41 91
derivitive of HOBbit (Hoes Over Bros)
Tim's Frodoing with alice again.
by Malvern June 01, 2003
6 60
The short, funny friend, that makes everyone laugh. usually made fun of for short stature, but loved for humor and general silliness. Generally found in small villages and towns.
I love when Frodo comes over. She can't reach the top of the fridge, but she makes me laugh.
by katdid August 06, 2008
9 75
a girl named caroline that lives in westchester, new york. she is very annoying and everybody hates her. she has no friends. she thinks she is hot shit and she has a massive, discusting afro. she goes to hackley and she swims for a swim team.
yoooo have you seen frodo's hair latley?
by lilbellababii99 March 28, 2006
7 73
A stupid annoying girl named Kelly Lynch, and lives in Fort Fairfield, ME.
Don't be such a stupid FRODO!
by Jason Searles December 14, 2005
25 104