Originally the name of J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit protagonist in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Now it is a name given to the area just above and around the hip bones. Based off of the supposed height of Hobbits (about where their heads would be if they were standing next to someone) from the Lord of the Rings. Often used when said area has been injured due to a blow, stab, or gun wound.
Oh, dude she just got kicked in the Frodo!

When I crashed on my bike I got a really bad gash along my Frodo.

I can't believe he took a hit to the Frodo and is still standing!
by Miss Moonheart May 23, 2011
Peet's coffee sells Fredos: blended coffee drinks (comparable to Frappucino)
Frodos sounds cooler.
"Hi can i have a chocolate/green tea/ white mocha frodo with two added shots of espresso.."
by Vanessa Griffin January 18, 2008
someone or something with bug eyes, and/or love for a guy named Sam
You stupid Frodo! Get off of sam NOW!
by owl June 05, 2003
midget dwarf or other small person
fuck off frodo to a small person,
get fucked frodo you little twat,
benny is frodo
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007
midget with big-ass feet
It's ridiculous when there is a scene with Frodo and Sam near "normal" sized people and they just substitute midgets for the actors and hide their faces in their robes.
by lou October 13, 2003
Originally the name of the hobbit-protagonist in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it has now come to mean an ugly pair of shoes, or ugly rims on an automobile.
That H2 is wack. Did you see the frodos on that thing?
He's that little hobbit from Lord of the Rings, who at first is cute, but then just turns ugly and dirty. His relationship with Samwise seems to be really close in just a wrong way. Same with Gandalf, but that's just different because Gandalf is mad pimpin!
Frodo is very dirty, what happened to his cute happiness? He's just plain ugly by the end.
by Figgy February 01, 2004
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