1. Noun. A synonym for fag

2. Verb. To be homosexual

3. A protagonist in Lord of the Rings series who is grossly in love with Sam and Gandalf
Geez look at that frodo!

That guy's frodoing...OMG

Oh my feicking dog! That last scene in Lord of the Ring : Return of the King made me vomit! WTF is wrong with Frodo!
by someon December 05, 2004
One of the major characters in J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings that doesn't deserve half the credit for the destruction of the ring. He does pretty much nothing but get rescued by Samwise Gamgee after being on verge of death.

If anything, it's Sam who should be the most recognized member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He's the one that kept Frodo alive in the journey, tried to convince Frodo that Gollum was actually evil, and carried Frodo up to Mt. Doom.
Frodo: *gets stabbed by Nazgul* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Frodo: *gets poisoned by the huge spider thing and passes out*
Sam: (to the spider thing) OH NO YOU DONT TOUCH HIM

Frodo: *stares at the ring*

Sam: Destroy it Mr Frodo!!
Frodo: No. It's mine. MY PRECIOUS.
Gollum: *leaps on Frodo*
Frodo: *puts ring on and turns invisible*

Gollum: *bites Frodo's finger off*
Gollum: *jumps up and down with the ring*
Frodo: *pushes Gollum into the volcano probably more for his lost finger than the destruction of the ring*
Gollum: *falls*

Meanwhile, at the gates of Mordor

Either Merry or Pippin or someone else I can't remember who: Frodo did it!!!! *no mention of Sam*
by HolyFatherFucka December 22, 2010
The first meaning of the word 'Frodo' is: a vertically challenged protagonist of the book/movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

Frodo's sexual orientation is not yet confirmed, but it is widely believed that he is gay, due to the fact that he is on a higher level of friendship with his gardener, Samwise Gamgee, and they tend to do a lot of, well, not very straight things together.

So, the second meaning of the word 'Frodo': a vertically challenged gay man.

The plot of Lord of the Rings mainly revolves around Frodo having to throw an evil ring into a volcano called Mount Doom. Due to the ring's evil, Frodo eventually starts chucking hissy fits at Samwise, thus undangering their romantic relationship.

Frodo's constant and random outbursts leads to the third meaning of the word 'Frodo': a vertically challenged man on steroids.
1) Frodo Baggins is such an awesome character!

2) Oh my god! Those two midget guys are getting it on! They're such Frodos...

3) If you keep using steroids, you will become a Frodo.
by whattheheckisapseudonym? September 04, 2010
The word "Frodo" comes from the popular film character, Frodo Baggins, from the film, The Lord of The Rings.

Frodo is an insult that describes someone that is short, fat, emo black hair and is gay. Because Frodo looks like this and was gay in the movie with, Sam... Right?.

2) Luke's such a Frodo!

by JesuZzZzZzZz November 06, 2008
n. A woman who is obsessed with getting married (i.e. always looking for the ring).
Look at all those Frodos on "The Bachelor!"
by Travis Bagwell March 10, 2009
Someone who has had their ring destroyed.
'Stop Sam your hurting me! But Mr Frodo you said we must destroy the ring!'
by DocFlox May 27, 2009
is the principal online fictional comic strip character of "Frodo the Sheltie"; a shetland sheepdog living in a big city with no sheep in sight. No relation to Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
Frodo, come here boy!
by thebeta May 29, 2013

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