Referring to someone as ''a wee frodo'' tends to insinuate that they are unfortunate looking (ugly)
aye did you see the state of him? wee frodo like
by God of northern irish May 08, 2011
A very short, hairy toed, gay man.
gosh you're such a frodo.
by that one ninja guy October 25, 2009
a man, or boy, who can, in fact, pass as an ugly girl
ex. Ryan Cunningham: Ryan is such a frodo, did you see what him and Seth were doing yesterday.
by Goose17 April 07, 2008
1) That short little hobbit with an ambiguously questonable straightness, and an even more abiguously questionable relationship with Samwise Bangme (whoops, typo, meant Samwise GAMGEE).

2) A name for anyone short. Used in The Longest Yard.
1) Excerpt from his cell phone calls to his friends:
No Samwise Bangme, I don't want the pants, I want you!....
Ugh, your not getting it, I don't pay you to be my gardener for nothing, I have a giant bush that needs trimming, and I'm not talking about the one in my garden. Yes I AM talking about the one in my pants.

2) Hey Frodo, can you hold my beer for me? (backs up into the cop's car) Don't worry, you can keep that one, I got 5 more right here (pulls out 6 pack of beer, waves it in cop's face, then drives away).
by Frodo's a sexy beast May 03, 2006
You know him as the short, unattractive and undesirable man at the club who dances behind you to hide how short and ugly he really is.
by erinofsky July 23, 2005
(pronounced: frO-'dü) an unkempt hairstyle consisting of loose curls reminiscent of a jrr tolkein character.
rumsfeld awoke from under the coffee table with an industrial strength hangover and a world-class fro-do.
by rickus July 25, 2006
The protagonist Hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" saga who recovers the One Ring from Gollum and destroys the One Ring in the lava of the Crack of Doom.
Anyone who doesn't like "Lord of the Rings" is out of touch with humanity. Frodo is the one who saves Middle Earth from Sauronification. We need someone like Frodo in this real world of ours!
by pentozali June 20, 2007

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