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A silly little man with furry toes
by blii February 20, 2003
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-that last bit of poo that wont drop into the toilet
-an annoying little shit that wont let go of the ring
-Are you okay in there?
-Yeah, but I gotta frodo. Come back in like 10 minutes
by nicole July 08, 2004
The act of 'going Frodo'. Usually involves being in a state of paranoia which leads to bouts of anger, delusion and - occasionally - can involve states of nakedness and violence.
'Fuck, he's gone Frodo'

'He's a loose cannon - he went frodo last week and beat the shit outta me'
#frodo #epping #violence #frodo baggins #delusion
by The Face Man MK II August 08, 2008
The act of literally going 'Frodo'. Usually this involves discussing things in terms of their relative level of 'preciousness' constantly and sitting on the roof stripped naked.

Going 'Frodo' is often the result of a particularly stressful life event such as lack of dope or an excess of it.
"Uh oh. He's gone Frodo again."


"Stay away from him, he's liable to go shitting Frodo on you."
#nuts #mental #schizo #psycho #tapped
by Swarfega July 22, 2008
Any short young caucasian male with brown curly hair.
"Yes, Frodo, thank you I will have fries with that."
"Honey, Frodo's here with the pizza."
#youth #jit #punk #dude #antonym is geezer
by Lisa Jacobs March 22, 2008
The person you blame for anything that goes wrong in life.
*A brick drops on your foot.*

You: Goddamn it Frodo!
#lord of the rings #fellowship #shit #death #bad luck
by I Am Gamliel October 19, 2010
Referring to someone as ''a wee frodo'' tends to insinuate that they are unfortunate looking (ugly)
aye did you see the state of him? wee frodo like
#ugly #men #women #state #frodo
by God of northern irish May 08, 2011
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