A hairy chode. Forms like an afro or a "fro".
Bill: yo that guys got a goddamn frode !

Ricky: He needs to shave that thing
#chode #bush #hairy #afrode #forest
by FDIbitch April 21, 2008
Top Definition
An arctic fox of perfect proportions and lexicographical genius
Frode er en geni.
#nordic #genius #frodo #norsk #american tour
by lefse October 17, 2009
A creature none-lovealbe, who like young girls under 16.
Frode "Hi, can I fuck you?
Silje "Not anymore, I just turnd sixsteen"
by misfit May 05, 2005
A patch of hair grown directly under the lower lip. A soul patch.
Did you see the frode on that guy? That was disgusting.
by dougH November 03, 2004
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