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To receive sexual pleasure by rubbing your junk on a woman, unlike intercourse, when there is penetration.
My girlfriend is a good girl, so she won't fuck me.

Dude, just give her some froddage!

What the hell is froddage?

When you tit-fuck a girl, tit-fuck her ass, or armpit fuck her, STUPID!!
by Froddage Cheese November 23, 2009
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A practice commonly found in German-decent predominantly male societies in the Middle East.

This practice comprises of widening the urethra of one male through artificial means, followed by a second male, uncircumcised, attempting to insert the tip of his penis into the first. Both men stroke the penises together and attempt to ejaculate simultaneously.

Can be spelled frottage.
Because of sexual frustration, the two contractors got busy with the froddage.
by JMacDaddy March 27, 2009

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