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fraternity shirt with a front pocket
the origin of the word i attributed to the collegiate Greek community. front pockets is wrong definition
chic1: look at that frat boy with the polo
chic2: OMG no look at that one with the frocket
by ABU-GEE June 23, 2011
A Frat-Pocket. The very fratty pocket on the front of the shirt, typically worn by fratdaddys or sorostitutes. A common misconception of the meaning of Frocket is the front-pocket.
Sorostitute #1: Omg look at that fratdaddy, he's so sexy.

Sorostitute #2: I know, I love the way he wears his frocket.
by SECFrattyDaddy November 20, 2010
A pocket located on the front of a shirt.
Jack: I can't find my glasses!
Jill: Silly, they're right there in your frocket!
by mercyme28 July 22, 2008
A front pocket of a shirt. Usually worn by people in a frat.
Guy #1:"Nice front pocket."
Guy #2:"Thanks, I like my frocket too."
by Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz November 18, 2012
a front pocket, usually on a shirt
I can put pens in my frocket!!
by i love frockets July 16, 2008
Front Pocket. Usually sown on to the front of a regular white T-Shirt. Also having a loud design.
Guy1: Hey dude cool shirt.
Guy2: Yeah man, this frocket is OP.
by Lmoore17 September 14, 2014
A Sexy Frock with pockets. A Sexy dress with pockets. To be worn at a club to keep moneys and shit in pockets
She be working that booty on the dance floor in her hot Frocket. I be taking her home..dang!
by Hukra February 21, 2009