fraternity shirt with a front pocket
the origin of the word i attributed to the collegiate Greek community. front pockets is wrong definition
chic1: look at that frat boy with the polo
chic2: OMG no look at that one with the frocket
by ABU-GEE June 23, 2011
Top Definition
a front pocket, usually on a shirt
I can put pens in my frocket!!
by i love frockets July 16, 2008
A Frat-Pocket. The very fratty pocket on the front of the shirt, typically worn by fratdaddys or sorostitutes. A common misconception of the meaning of Frocket is the front-pocket.
Sorostitute #1: Omg look at that fratdaddy, he's so sexy.

Sorostitute #2: I know, I love the way he wears his frocket.
by SECFrattyDaddy November 20, 2010
A pocket located on the front of a shirt.
Jack: I can't find my glasses!
Jill: Silly, they're right there in your frocket!
by mercyme28 July 22, 2008
A front pocket of a shirt. Usually worn by people in a frat.
Guy #1:"Nice front pocket."
Guy #2:"Thanks, I like my frocket too."
by Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz November 18, 2012
Front Pocket. Usually sown on to the front of a regular white T-Shirt. Also having a loud design.
Guy1: Hey dude cool shirt.
Guy2: Yeah man, this frocket is OP.
by Lmoore17 September 14, 2014
A combination of the words "pocket" and "frock", used to refer, unsurprisingly, to a frock with pockets.
It was Rosa's Wednesday and we were all lookinsupahot in our dresses. We looked so good that no one noticed us leave the restaurant with bulging frockets full of complementary mints.
by Cyd B. September 25, 2007
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