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a term of endearment for the 24 hour restaurant and bar French Roast in Manhattan.

Also applies to the activity of visiting this restaurant frequently; 'froasting'.
girl 1: hey let's meet up at Froast for a drink!
girl 2: dude, I'm all froasted out from last week.
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
1. The act of being cool, the art of being Supa-Fly.
2. To walk down the street while your shoulders are moving uncontrollably side to side. (see froasting)
1. Cori was so froast, it made people gasp, "Ooh is she FLY!"
2. I saw a man froasting down the street today and I started to chuckle with the little urban baby children around me.
by Cori : ) November 26, 2006
1. the act of being Supa-Fly.
2. to walk down the street moving your shoulders uncontrollably.
1. Wow, that boy wearing those skinny jeans is so froast!
2. The man chuckled as he saw the girl froasting down the catwalk.
by Cori : ) November 26, 2006
a term used to describe how hot, in terms of temperature, an individual has become due to weather or lack of air flow; a combination of the words fucking and roast, froast
Dude turn the A/C on I am about to froast back here!
by 010101010101010101010101 April 27, 2011
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