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another word for throat. mainly said by the sexiest girl in the world. it is in your mouth behind your toungue!
my froto hurts. i ate to much now im going to have to throw up in the potty
by bob jones October 20, 2004
A collection of bushy hairs formed on the knuckles of your toes.
Ang: Hey, need a razor?

Jaz: For What?

by Mike Oxisbiggerthanyours February 23, 2011
A human foot resembling that of Frodo Baggins. There are tufts of fur on the top of the foot as well as on each individual toe.
Sally: Hey Marv, I see you're wearing your flip flops on this fine afternoon.

Marv: Thats right, I gotta air out my frotoes.
by Bronson Pinchot August 09, 2009
A picture on Facebook or dating site that is unrepresentative of the actual level of attractiveness of the person.
I met that girl from Match.com last night. It turns out all those pictures online were frotos
by Jager Lover February 02, 2010