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A collection of bushy hairs formed on the knuckles of your toes.
Ang: Hey, need a razor?

Jaz: For What?

by Mike Oxisbiggerthanyours February 23, 2011
A human foot resembling that of Frodo Baggins. There are tufts of fur on the top of the foot as well as on each individual toe.
Sally: Hey Marv, I see you're wearing your flip flops on this fine afternoon.

Marv: Thats right, I gotta air out my frotoes.
by Bronson Pinchot August 09, 2009
A picture on Facebook or dating site that is unrepresentative of the actual level of attractiveness of the person.
I met that girl from last night. It turns out all those pictures online were frotos
by Jager Lover February 02, 2010
another word for throat. mainly said by the sexiest girl in the world. it is in your mouth behind your toungue!
my froto hurts. i ate to much now im going to have to throw up in the potty
by bob jones October 20, 2004
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