Short for Frisbee.
"Yay, Friz! I like playing Friz."
by That one dude January 12, 2003
Top Definition
a term for Frisbee; throwing disc
You: You give me that Friz!
Friend: *Throws Frisbee to you*

You: Yo you got the Friz?
Friend: Yeah, we gonna play later?
You: Yeah after school lets Friz it up.
by Frizplayer May 04, 2011
A recreational game usually played by hippes; and or college kids
(hippie)wanna go play some friz?
(hippe #2)im too baked
by hdb September 25, 2007
term used to tell a friend that they are acting stupid, ridiculous, out of character, weird or just plain being annoying.
"Hey! Stop you imbecile!"
"No I'm having fun!"
"Fuck you're annoying!"
"Screw you!"
"Oh, dude, I'm sorry man."
by nick April 06, 2005
1. Awesome Cool Guy
2. Fucking Amazing Dude
3. Stephen Frizzle
"Friz Rocks"
by Friz August 27, 2003
the chillest teen taht goes to lauryn hill n left BHS bcuz of habbits such as smoking dope, skipping classes, and accusedd of having sex and doing cocaine this chick is hot and she has a boyfriend named orlando she can also rap
yo friz u wana bun a spliff ?
by stephanie frizzell March 02, 2004
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