A sugar coated pretzel shaped into one of Josef Fritzl's DNA strands.
"dude, you gotta try one of these Fritzls"
by Malcolm Turntable June 19, 2009
Top Definition
to imprision a member of your family, normally for a period no longer than 24 years, in which you should molest them repeatedly and raise the offspring as your own. A common pastime in austria.
Oh my god, simon just "fritzled" josef fritzl, what a legend!

The method of fritzling has now replaced the death penalty in many american states.

by bosshogg May 20, 2008
v. To lock someone in the basement for 24 years and impregnate them repeatedly.

As per the Austrian incest case of Joseph Fritzl.
Don't make me fritzl you.
by Don Bito April 29, 2008
To go out and find a rapee, then subject them to an extended, almost marathon rape.
I went Fritzling last night, was one of my best efforts.
by Brian Braiden March 18, 2009
To completely fuck something up. To completely own something. If something is Fritzled, it has essentially been locked in a basement and destroyed for a couple of decades.
Man, I Friztled that test.

- I'm downloading five things plus Windows updates as well as MSN, Facebook and Youtube. And in the other room my sister's downloading more stuff and is on Facebook and Youtube. And Dad's doing work emails. All on the same connection.
- And it hasn't Fritzled itself yet? You have awesome internet.

Dad just found out I've been going to all those parties... my social life is now Friztled.
by Monkey-Turtle February 14, 2010
In Poker, a slang expression for a Full House. A Full House being three matching cards of one rank, and two matching cards of another rank.

Derived from the notorious Fritzl case, in which Josef Fritzl imprisoned and repeatedly raped, sexually abused, and physically assaulted his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl for 24 years. The subsequent repeated rapes resulted in the birth of seven children, three of which, together with Elisabeth, were forced to live underneath Josef Fritzl’s house in a concealed underground basement complex which he had built himself. The remaining three children (one died shortly after birth) were raised by Josef Fritzl and his wife in the house upstairs.
Poker Player #1: “Oh my god dude, you just flopped a Fritzl!”
Poker Player #2: “Yep, and you totally took the bait, now hand me over those chips”
by Coppermouth December 06, 2010
Varb used to describe a locking someone/thing in a celler for 30 years, violently raping and beating it repeatedly, having rape babies with it, and then proceedind to violently rape these babies. The term 'perfect frizl' is used to describe the action where the thing being fritled is the child of the fritzler.
'How did you test go today?'
'I got fucking fritzled by that cunt!'

Ramal was so shit at mini golf - he repeatedly got fritzled!!!!
by Don Singh May 16, 2008
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